Seminarian Posters

Beautiful & Functional Seminarian Posters

Our seminarian posters feature bold, priestly imagery, created by Catholic designers who know your audience. Each poster is customized with your theme, imagery, and diocesan information.
– Responsive, on-time production
– Can include a matching prayer card with seminarian names
– Delivery to parishes and schools (if desired), with cover letter from you.

Approx Cost

Timeframe: Fall
Lead Time: 6-8 weeks
Cost $1,000 – $1,600

Our Posters Generate Prospects

Affixed to your poster are small contact cards that direct candidates to visit, where they can request free copies of To Save a Thousand Souls and Is Jesus Calling You To Be a Catholic Priest? The Vocation Director immediately receives an email alert with the candidate’s contact information.

New feature: in Fall 2018 we’ll be sending automatic follow-up emails to candidates with the Vocation Director’s contact information, as well as general encouragement for his discernment.

Sample Poster Designs

Here are a few of the posters we’ve designed. Each poster is custom designed for your diocese. If you have a certain theme in mind, let us know and we’ll run with it!