Vocation Curriculum Workshop

Training for teachers & catechists to use the Vocation Lessons curriculum

You’ve already purchased Vocation Lessons – now help teachers to take full advantage of this awesome curriculum!

A new workshop by Dr. Gwen Adams (one of the curriculum developers) is geared toward Catholic school teachers and Faith Formation catechists. It covers:

  • Why it’s so important to teach vocations to students
  • How to connect with students on this topic
  • How to use the curriculum effectively

Dr. Adams is a dynamic speaker who understands teachers, and does a terrific job showing them how to use the vocations curriculum—and more importantly, why to use it.

An ideal time to hold the workshop is during an existing teacher in-service day, or any gathering of Catholic educators.

The presentation can be one 90-minute session or two 60-minute sessions. Depending on venue, it includes a professional Powerpoint and handouts. The cost is $850, plus travel expenses.

To schedule a workshop, contact us.

Approx Cost

Timeframe: Anytime
Lead Time: 3 months
Cost $850