Planning & Workshops

Demographic Reports

Detailed reports analyze the presbyterate and help you understand your future need for priests. This is invaluable information for creating your long-range plan, securing an adequate budget, and communicating the “vocations landscape” to your bishop and fellow priests.

Vocation Plans

We can help you create an effective, realistic plan to create a Culture of Vocations in your diocese. This includes both short-term projects and long-term initiatives. We then provide expert support for you and your staff to carry through on your vision.

Vocations Curriculum Workshop

You’ve already purchased Vocation Lessons – now help teachers to take full advantage of this awesome curriculum! A new workshop by Gwen Adams is geared toward Catholic school teachers and Faith Formation catechists.

Vocation Workshops

We can help you plan, promote, and organize diocesan vocation workshops to help clergy and laity  to become more effective collaborators in promoting vocations.