Vocation Station Kiosk


Beautiful, solid oak kiosk holds resources to educate and inspire parishioners of all ages. Includes items on discerning a vocation, praying for vocations, fostering vocations in the family, and much more. 23 different resources, 950 pieces. Choose options and purchase online, or for help, call 877-585-1551.



The Vocation Station Kiosk


Why a Vocation Station in your parish?

  • A beautiful permanent display that promotes vocations
  • Resources for everyone: kids, teens, young adults, parents, and all Catholics who wish to promote and pray for vocations.
  • Tasteful, high-visibility signage shows that vocations are a priority


Vocation Resources from Vianney Vocations

  • Stocked with the same resources used by two-thirds of Vocation Offices
  • 23 different brochures, booklets, and prayer cards. 950 pieces total.
  • Comes pre-stocked with our best materials, but you can also customize contents if desired.
  • Items include Discerning your Vocation at Mass, Vocation Worksheets for Kids, Seven Ways Families Can Foster Vocations, various prayer cards, Discerning Priesthood, Rosary for Vocations, and many more. (See below for full list of items.)
  • New materials continually being created for re-stocking


Beautiful Church Furniture

  • Custom high-end liturgical furniture crafted by professional woodworkers
  • Solid oak construction will last for decades.
  • Storage cabinet for additional materials
  • 90" tall, 34" wide, 14" deep, 115 lbs
  • Ships in three pieces; easy assembly
  • Flat shipping for only $195 to the contiguous 48 United States; call for shipping  elsewhere.



  • Three finishes: dark oak, medium oak, and light oak.
  • Two styles of sign: Vibrant Blue Stained Glass or Traditional Warm Stained Glass.
  • Customized signage for Serra Clubs and KofC Councils (add $60).
  • Discernment Books option (add $270). Removes the doors from the storage cabinet to create a bookshelf stocked with 6 copies each of the best books on vocation discernment: To Save a Thousand Souls (on priesthood), Discerning Religious Life (for women), and A Living Sacrifice (men's religious life). Plus a great book for parents, A Priest in the Family. With this option, the parish automatically receives a 25% discount on all future orders.

Comes Fully Stocked with these items:

Daily Prayer for Priests Card

Daily Prayer for Priests Card

Prayer Card for Priesthood Sunday

Pray for Vocations Prayer Card

Pray for Vocations Prayer Card

3”x5” card has a striking image of Mary and baby Jesus, with a new prayer for vocations on the back.

Discerning Your Vocation at Mass

Discerning Your Vocation at Mass Booklet

Pocket-sized, 12-page pamphlet helps young people discern their vocations during each part of the liturgy, culminating in Holy Communion.

Six-Month Discernment Challenge

Six-Month Discernment Challenge Card

5×7 card with a guide to help guide women who are discerning religious life.

Vocation Prayer for Children

Vocation Prayer for Children Card

A simple rhyming prayer to know my vocation. Perfect for Catholic schools or religious education classes.

Bookmark – Invisible Monastery

Bookmark - Invisible Monastery

Beautiful bookmark with the Invisible Monastery prayer for vocations on the back.

Bookmark – Prayer to Know Gods Plan

Bookmark – Prayer to Know Gods Plan

Striking bookmark for children has an image of the Trinity on the front and a simple vocation prayer on reverse.

Bookmark – Discerning Priesthood Podcast

Bookmark – Discerning Priesthood Podcast

Reminder for young men to donwnload and listen to The Melchizedek Podcast with Fr. Brett Brannen.

Vocation Prayer Apostolate

Vocation Prayer Apostolate brochure

Brochure inviting the sick and homebound to pray for priestly vocations.

Discerning Life Decisions

Discerning Life Decisions Brochure

Four-fold brochure concisely explains toany Christian facing life choices how to approach big decisions using the three modes of discernment proposed by St. Ignatius.

YOLO Vocation Brochure

YOLO Vocation Brochure for Teens

Great brochure teaches teens about the four main vocations and answers common questions.

7 Ways Families Can Foster Vocations

7 Ways Families Can Foster Vocations Brochure

Brochure has great ideas to help Catholic families nurture vocations at home.

Rosary for Vocations Brochure

Rosary for Vocations Brochure

Four-fold brochure with insightful reflections on the Luminous Mysteries.

Vocation Mythbusters

Vocation Mythbusters for Parents Brochure

Trifold brochure that addresses the six most common fears of Catholic parents when their son is considering priesthood.

Change the World Brochure

Change the World: Consider Priesthood Brochure

Explains the dignity and power of the priesthood; walks a man through discernment, the application, and seminary life.

Holy Hour to Know My Vocation

Holy Hour to Know My Vocation Booklet

Holy Hour to help young people discern their vocations, with powerful meditations in the tradition of Ignatian spirituality. Used by hundreds of youth groups and campus ministries.

Discerning Priesthood

Discerning Priesthood Booklet

Booklet introduces teens and young men to the priesthood and helps them to discern their vocations.

Is This A Call?

Is This A Call?

16-page booklet helps young women to discern religious life.

Have I Been With You?

Have I Been With You? Booklet

A Helpful Way to Help Young Disciples Grow in Prayer, by Fr. Paul Hoesing, 24 pp.

Is Jesus Calling You to Be a Catholic Priest?

Is Jesus Calling You to Be a Catholic Priest? Booklet

Discernment guide by Msgr. Thomas J. Richter, 36 pp.

Vocations Worksheet-Grades 1-2

Vocations Worksheet – Grades 1-2

High-quality original artwork and creative activities for children in Grades 1-2.

Vocations Worksheet – Grades 3-4

Vocations Worksheet – Grades 3-4

High-quality original artwork and creative activities for children in Grades 3-4.

Vocations Worksheet – Grades 5-6

Vocations Worksheet – Grades 5-6

High-quality original artwork and creative activities for children in Grades 5-6.

Vocation Station FAQ

Why such a high-quality piece of church furniture?

People pay attention to quality. And because of the importance of vocations—especially when the number of priests, religious and even marriages continue to fall—we need to address the topic with the degree of excellence it deserves. We as a Church need to do a much better job presenting the vocation options for faithful Catholic men and women.

Do vocations warrant this much emphasis?

Here’s the way we look at it: aside from the decision to follow Jesus, your vocation is the most important decision you will ever make. Every parish in America should be helping its members, especially young people, to listen to God’s call. And more than that, we should be equipping older adults already in their vocations to encourage the next generation.

Is this a niche product for youth?

No, the Vocation Station is for all parishioners, not just teens and young adults. It contains materials for children, parents, and older adults, too (because even grandparents can foster and pray for vocations). The Church teaches that encouraging vocations is everyone’s business: “It is the duty of the whole Christian community to foster vocations so that the needs of the sacred ministry are sufficiently met in the entire Church.” Canon #233.1

What are the quantities of each resource in the Vocation Station?

Shelf 1 - 7" (Prayer cards and small items) Quantity
Discerning Your Vocation at Mass pamphlet 25
Six Ways to Discover Your Vocation card 50
Prayer Card for Children 50
Discernment Podcast bookmark 50
Prayer for Vocations prayer card 50
Six-Month Discernment Challenge (revise design) 50
Invisible Monastery bookmark 50
Shelf 2 - 10" (Brochures) Quantity
Seven Ways Families Can Foster Vocations 50
Discerning Life Decisions 50
YOLO Brochure for Teens 50
Change the World - Consider Priesthood 50
Rosary for Vocations 50
Vocation Prayer Apostolate 50
Vocation Mythbusters for Parents 50
Shelf 3 - 10" (Booklets) Quantity
Discerning Priesthood 25
Is This a Call 25
Is Jesus Calling You to be a Catholic Priest? 25
Have I Been With You - Prayer for Young Disciples 25
Holy Hour to Discern My Vocation 25
Shelf 4 - 12" (Vocation Worksheets / Flyers) Quantity
Grades 1-2 Vocation Worksheet 50
Grades 3-4 Vocation Worksheet 50
Grades 5-6 Vocation Worksheet 50
What is the Discernment Books option?

The Vocation Station comes standard with smaller pieces like cards, pamphlets, and short booklets. However, the "Discernment Books" option adds full-length books for serious discerners (and their parents). Your initial order will come with six copies of each of To Save a Thousand Souls, A Living Sacrifice, Discerning Religious Life, and A Priest in the Family—a $462 value for only $270. Plus you automatically receive a 25% discount on all future orders of these titles. With the Discernment Books option, your vocation station’s base will have a bookshelf instead of doors.

What good will books and brochures do, anyway?

The solution to the vocation crisis is discipleship—offering Jesus our whole hearts and lives, then following where he leads. The parishes that produce vocations have faithful families and warm, enthusiastic priests who bring youth to Christ and accompany them as they discern their vocations. One-on-one invitation and mentorship is absolutely essential. That said, in the typical parish, there is a lot of confusion surrounding the priesthood, religious life, and even marriage. People need good information. If people have bad or incomplete information, they are likely to make bad decisions. Good booklets and brochures aren’t the complete answer to our vocation crisis—but they sure do help. And the alternative, in many cases, is to offer nothing.

Is there a donation box included?

No, because we believe it's a normal function of the parish to provide its members with education on all Catholic vocations. However, if funding is a concern, many pastors find that donors are eager to fund the promotion of vocations.

When will I receive my Vocation Station?

Production time is approximately six weeks. We’ll let you know via email when your display is on its way.

How does the Vocation Station ship? Is it hard to assemble?

Your Vocation Station will come in three separate boxes weighing approximately 65lbs, 55lbs, and 30lbs. Assembly is easy. The shelving unit sits on the base and is held by four screws. The arched top slides into place and is held by five screws. The acrylic sign is installed using high-quality aluminum hardware with pre-drilled holes.

Additional information

Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 90 × 37 × 14 in

Dark Oak, Medium Oak, Light Oak

Sign Option

Vibrant Blue Stained Glass, Traditional Warm Stained Glass, Serra Club (customized +$60), Knights of Columbus (customized +$60)

Discernment Books

No Discernment Books, 24 Discernment Books (+$270)