Vocation Starter Pack – Large


Twelve of our best vocation resources, more than 440 pieces, a $337 value.

Hundredfold × 2

A comprehensive manual on how to start and sustain an effective Vocation Ministry in the typical Catholic parish.

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To Save a Thousand Souls × 4

Fr. Brett Brannen's groundbreaking book on discerning a vocation to the diocesan priesthood.

7 Ways Families Can Foster Vocations Brochure (set of 50) × 2

Brochure has great ideas to help Catholic families nurture vocations at home.

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YOLO Vocation Brochure for Teens (set of 50) × 2

Great brochure teaches teens about the four main vocations and answers common questions.

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Rosary for Vocations Brochure (set of 50) × 2

Four-fold brochure with insightful reflections on the Luminous Mysteries.

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Invisible Monastery Brochure (set of 50) × 2

Brochure to help promote the Invisible Monastery.

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Vocations Prayer for Children Card (set of 50) × 2

A simple rhyming prayer to know my vocation. Perfect for Catholic schools or religious education classes.

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Discerning Priesthood Booklet × 10

Booklet introduces teens and young men to the priesthood and helps them to discern their vocations.

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Is This A Call? Booklet × 10

16-page booklet helps young women to discern religious life.

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Youth Ministry and Vocations Booklet × 2

Help Youth Ministers teach teens about discerning their vocations.

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Pray for Vocations Poster (bilingual) × 2

Awesome poster with majestic imagery reminds the faithful to pray for vocations.

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Intercession for Vocations - Holy Hour × 10

Holy Hour for Vocations booklet includes powerful prayers and meditations for those who wish to pray for vocations.

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Twelve of our best vocation resources, used by more than 100 different dioceses! More than 440 pieces, great for stocking the parish book rack. It also includes materials to give to youth, as well as the best books about promoting vocations in the parish. Twice as many items as the standard starter pack!

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